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Who is My Desserts Diva

Lynette Jefferies has been baking for over twenty years, and she believes that a fabulous dessert should not only look good, but it must bring you back again and again and again. In other words, it should taste great! And that’s what she does at My Desserts Diva, she brings you back for more and more. So, when you combine great tasting treats with a personal exchange, you’ve hit your mark, and that’s the experience you will have each time with My Desserts Diva. Lynette taps into her craft and shares that on a personal level. Lynette has also received her ServSafe Manager's Certification. Which means she understands the importance of proper food safety regulations and methods for any establishment serving food.

Southern Comfort Up Close

We are Southern Comfort Up Close, specializing in Premium Gourmet  southern-inspired desserts. But what makes My Desserts Diva different? What makes us attract you to come and listen to what we have to say when we share our recipes? Why would our customers select My Desserts Diva for their special event or social gathering?  We believe in top notch customer service, which is why we value our clients and customers. We also value our products and services, and will only provide you with quality desserts, and build relationships in the process. It is very important, as well as top priority to provide a fantastic dessert experience to you. 

Personal Chef Baking Sessions

Let My Desserts Diva come to you and teach you the basics of baking. Reserve your hands-on, interactive baking session experience!

Select from our private one on one sessions. or a small group session up to five participants. We will customize your scheduled time to fit your needs. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction, and pure fun!

SpiceGirls Remix

Check out the SpiceGirls SpiceGirlin in this great video

Great Day Washington - Mother's Day Dessert


Talking recipes and sweet treats with  BMORE Lifestyle's TV hosts, Chardelle and Christina.